Inflight Allergy Care

  1. Royal Brunei recognizes that some of our passengers have allergies so severe they may experience serious adverse health reaction due to exposure to airborne particles or meals, the most common example being peanuts.
  2. We cannot prohibit all passengers from bringing, opening or eating their own peanut products into or in the aircraft cabin.
  3. Therefore we are not able to guarantee allergen-free meals and/or an allergen-free environment on any of our services. Royal Brunei shall not be responsible for any allergic reaction that may occur onboard.
  4. Royal Brunei requires our passengers to:

    i)  Inform Royal Brunei of your allergies at least 72 hours prior to the intended flight departure.

    ii)  You are advised to carry your medication in your hand luggage, in case you need it. You should also carry a copy of the prescription and/or a supporting written statement from your doctor.

    iii)   If you need to be absolutely certain of an allergen-free meal, it is recommended that you bring your own food in accordance with the current LAGS restriction. For further information regarding LAGS restriction please visit our website at

    iv) Passengers with severe allergies are recommended to take steps to minimize their potential exposure and to take all necessary precaution to prepare for the possibility of exposure.

For further information, kindly contact your nearest Royal Brunei office.