Travel Advisories


Travel Documents & Visas
Before you fly, contact the embassy or consulate office of the country to which you will be travelling for information on passport, visa, or entry requirements. And do remember that you take all relevant travel documents with you to the airport

Please ensure that all your travel documents are in order for your journey, as Royal Brunei Airlines is not liable for the consequences arising from improper or incomplete travel documents.

Reminders from our Terms and Conditions of Carriage to help guests minimise the possibility of any loss or damage:

Do not include in Checked Baggage fragile or perishable items, money, jewellery, precious metals, computers or other electronic devices, silverware, negotiable papers, or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples.
Ensure baggage is clearly labeled inside and out.

Travelling with Medicine
We advise that travellers take their required medicines on board with them. In most cases medicines in liquid or aerosol form required for the journey (not just the flight) are exempt from liquid in hand baggage restrictions. Regulations regarding carry on luggage are subject to change and this can happen at very short notice at the request of Government Authorities.

Travelling While Expecting
Travelling by aeroplane is a safe means of transportation for pregnant women who have not experienced any previous complications.

However, to safeguard the health of mother and baby, expectant mothers who are past 28 weeks are required to bring certified medical clearance which stipulates in writing that the passenger is medically stable to fly.

After the 36th week of pregnancy and onwards, carriage will not be undertaken, regardless of any Medical certification.

Note: The passenger should be in possession of a medical certificate issued a maximum of seven (7) days before commencing to travel for each flight sector.

Some countries may place limitations on the entry of non-national women who are expecting. We advise you to check with the local embassy or consulate regarding the country’s requirements.

Traveling with Children/ Infants
Infant facilities such as bassinets, baby food, diapers and bottles can be requested during bookings.

Pack a small bag with diapers, baby wipes, necessary creams and other essential items (if needed) and place it in the seat pocket in front of you for easy access. Having these items in hand will minimise hassle when utilising the aircraft restroom for your infant’s needs.

Special Assistance
Whether you need information on special assistance, unaccompanied minors, or travelling with infants and children, please let us know about your travel needs at the time of booking so that we can ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Baby Strollers
Baby strollers are regarded as checked-in luggage and are not normally accepted as hand luggage for carriage in the cabin.  At certain airports, pursuant to the local Health and Safety legislation, passengers with small lightweight strollers may be allowed to check the strollers in at the boarding gate and receive them at the gate upon arrival.