Foreign Customs Regulations

United Kingdom

Travelling to the United Kingdom? Check the rules before you take any food items with you.

It is against the law to bring any meat or dairy products into the UK from countries outside Europe. Restrictions also apply to many other food items, including fish, shellfish, eggs and honey as well as certain plants and vegetables.

Controls on food imports are essential to protect British livestock and agriculture from pests and disease not found in the UK – and may also protect your own health.

Check the rules at before you travel and avoid severe delays, prosecution and fines on arrival in the UK.

Saudi Arabia

Customs declaration to Saudi Arabia

All passengers either departing or arriving with any cash amount, transferable monetary instruments or precious metals exceeding SR60, 000 (SR sixty thousand) or its equivalent in other currencies are required to declare it to the Saudi Customs.

Failure to comply with this requirement will result in legal penalties. In addition to the penalties, passengers will also be required to pay customs duty for the undeclared items upon their returning flight.