Chasing Waterfall


  • Tour Departs 0630 hours. Approximate duration: 6 hours
  • Wear proper hiking gear and footwear. Advised to bring extra clothes and shoes on this tour.

There are more than 40 waterfalls in Teraja, spread out across hilly terrain and separated by rocky streams, making proper hiking gear and boots a must. Easy hikes and wading through cool, refreshing waters are the perfect introduction for nature enthusiasts to Brunei’s pristine, natural wealth.
Apart from the astonishing waterfalls that situated in the region, a venue that seems to be swallowed by the dense jungle is the Teraja Longhouse. A place that seems to be forgotten by many in the current fast-paced world and is living in its momentum sits just at the location. A trip down to the venue will allow you to experience a distinctive lifestyle that is scarcely in practice in the present world. On Sunday, special cultural performance may also be requested at an additional cost that will enable visitors to learn more about the age-old culture.