Introducing FLEXIROAM X

Data Roaming in 140+ countries

A convenient and affordable way to stay connected globally


Redeem your free FLEXIROAM X Microchip, SIM Card and e-SIM with every RB ticket purchased direct online

  • eSIM or Microchip saves you the hassle of changing SIM cards
  • SIM cards are great for dual SIM phones
  • Order your free starter pack in-app
  • Instantly download eSIM into your phone
  • Microchips and SIM cards ship within 3-7 working days

1GB data usage

~ 500,000 instant messages (text only)

~ 5,500 emails (send/receive)

~ 2,000 photo upload on social media

~ 300m internet voice calls

~ 10 hours web browsing

~ 50 hours map navigation

How to redeem and activate my code?

Step 1

Download the Flexiroam X App

Flexiroam Steps Icon-01
Step 2

Go to Account > Tap Apply Promo Code

Step 3

Key in your promo code and tap – Apply Promo

Step 4

Your Tune Protect Plan will start on your travel date

Step 5

Go to > Get Starter Pack > to order your FREE eSIM/SIM Card/Microchip

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*Shipping charges apply