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Meals and Refreshments

Meals and Refreshments

A world-class boutique airline, Royal Brunei strives to bring you the best for your life’s journeys. Enjoy delicious meals cooked to perfection in our flight menu, whether you are flying Business or Economy Class.

Healthy and Halal

All meals in Royal Brunei Airlines are halal and prepared in the most healthy way possible. Should you have more special needs for your meals, our chefs will be happy to accommodate them without sacrificing quality.

Precautions for Allergies

As much as we strive to optimize our guests’ in-flight experience, due to the nature and various types of allergies, we are not able to guarantee allergen-free meals and an allergen-free environment for everyone.

Guests with allergies are recommended to take necessary steps to minimize their potential exposure and to take all necessary precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure. See how Royal Brunei Airlines can assist you here.