Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Device Entertainment

Who can use our in-flight entertainment?

All travelers with a WiFi-enabled computer, tablet or handheld device onboard selected Royal Brunei Airlines operated flight.

Which devices/browser are supported?

  • iPhone and iPad: Safari on iOS 7.X and 8.X
  • Android Tablets: Chrome and Firefox browsers versions installed with Android OS 4.4.
  • MAC: Safari, Chrome and Firefox installed with OS X 10.9 and 10.10
  • Windows 7 and 8: Internet Explorer 10 and above, Chrome and Firefox
  • Windows 10: Microsoft Edge

Not yet supported: Windows Phone & Surface, 64-bit browsers, and e-readers (Kindle, Nook)

While other device/operating system/browser combinations may be compatible with RB Impian, the combinations shown above have been thoroughly tested as they are the most common device combinations used.

Is internet connection required to access the content?

The content lives onboard our aircrafts on a server. Guests will be able to access the content via the aircraft’s wireless network.

How do guests view the content?

Once we reach 10,000 feet, the RB Impian system and its content will become available for access. Please ensure you have enabled WiFi on your device and have connected to the RB Impian wireless network. Once you have completed these steps, just open your browser (see compatible devices above) and enter any web address. You will automatically be redirected to the RB Impian Login Page.

What is the RB Impian Player?

Movie and TV titles require a one-time download of the RB Impian player application. While the RB Impian Player is available for download from the server onboard for MAC, Windows, and Android devices. It is much easier for you to download it prior to your flight – either at home or in the airport.

Apple iOS Users – iPad, iPhone and iPod

The RB Impian player is available for download at the Apple App Store, which requires internet connectivity. The app must be downloaded before your flight to enjoy Inflight entertainment onboard.

Where can I see a list of movies & TV shows available onboard?

The list of available Movies & TV shows is featured in our Impian Magazine, available on board on aircraft or you can visit our Impian.

Can the content continue to be viewed after the flight has landed?

No. The content is only accessible above 10,000 feet.

Is there a way to block children from watching certain types of content?

No. All content is available for all users.