Temporary Contact Information

Some of our local offices are closed due to respective government-imposed quarantine rules. We have listed our temporary contact information at this time. Kindly contact us only if you’re travelling in the next 72 hours so we can assist with urgent rebooking. Guests travelling beyond the next 72 hours are encouraged to submit your request through this Request Form.

Temporary Operating Hours for RB Plaza and Call Centre (Brunei)

Effective 18 January 2022, RB Plaza Office is open to walk-in guests at the following opening hours:

Monday to Thursday and Saturday 815am to 2pm (Brunei local time)
Friday 815am to 1130am (Brunei local time)
Sunday/ Public Holidays Closed

Brunei Call Centre will operate on reduced operating agents and are available as follows:

Monday to Thursday and Saturday 8am to 6pm (Brunei local time)
Friday 8am to 12pm, 2pm to 6pm (Brunei local time)
Sunday 8am to 5pm

Temporary Contact of RB Offices

In the event that our local offices are closed (for walk-ins or operationally) due to respective government guidelines, kindly email, call us or submit your requests through our Request Form. RB Offices that are affected:

Country Temporary Contact Information
Australia Closed for walk-ins Phone No.: 1300 721 271 
Email Address: [email protected] 
China (Beijing & Shanghai) Closed for walk-ins Phone No.: +86-10-58797668 
Email Address:  [email protected]  
Dubai Closed for walk-ins Phone No.: +971 4 3344884 
Email Address: [email protected] 
Malaysia Closed for walk-ins Kuala Lumpur 
(60) 3 20707166 / 20706628 / [email protected]Kota Kinabalu
(60) 88 242193/94/95/96 [email protected]Miri
(60) 85 426322 / [email protected]Kuching
(60) 82 578608 [email protected] 
Philippines Closed No direct telephone 
Email Address: [email protected]  
Indonesia Closed for walk-ins Jakarta 
No direct telephone / [email protected]Surabaya 
No direct telephone / [email protected]   
Singapore Closed [email protected]
Vietnam Closed Phone No.: (84) 908 777 738 
Email Address: [email protected]  
United Kingdom Closed Phone No.: +44 012 9387 4994
Email Address: [email protected]