Travel Advisories

At Royal Brunei Airlines, we are committed to helping you find peace of mind at your travels. Helping you stay well-informed in your travels is a form of that commitment. Browse through our Travel Information sections to find out the details of traveling into and out of Brunei.

Travel Documents

Before you fly, ensure you have all the required travel documents with you. Click here to find out more about visa and passport requirements per country, or contact the embassy of your destination country. Click here to find the addresses of Brunei embassies abroad, or here for the addresses of foreign embassies in Brunei. Please note that Royal Brunei Airlines will not be held liable for the consequences of improper or incomplete travel documentation.


For information on baggage allowance and other related information, please visit this page. For further information on the carriage of dangerous goods, please visit this page.

Travelling with Medicine

Passengers requiring medicine are advised to pack them in their hand baggage. In most cases, medicines in liquid or aerosol form that are required for the duration of their flight are exempt from hand baggage restrictions. Please note that restrictions are subject to change at the request of government authorities.

Requiring Special Assistance?

We take extra special care of our passengers requiring Special Assistance. For information regarding special assistance —medical, mobility, or otherwise—please visit this section.

Travelling while Expecting

Air travel is safe for pregnant women with no history of previous complications before the pregnancy reaches 36 weeks. Expectant mothers of over 28 weeks are required to bring certified medical clearance, dated not more than 7-days, which stipulates in writing that the passenger is medically fit to fly.

Travelling with Infants

Infant facilities such as bassinets and baby food may be requested via our Customer Service Centre at +673 2212222 or your local RB office. Passengers with infants are advised to bring essential items on board such as diapers, baby wipes, and creams inside a small bag that is easily accessible during flight.

Regulations for Baby Strollers

Baby strollers are not allowed as hand baggage and must be checked in. Some airports allow lightweight strollers to be checked in at the boarding gate. These strollers will be returned after arrival and upon disembarkation of the aircraft.

Further Information

For further information regarding any of the above, please call our Customer Service Centre at +673 2212222 or consult your local RB office. The contact information for our offices can be found here.