Miles + Money FAQ

What is Royal Skies Miles & Money?

Royal Skies (RS) Miles & Money is a service for RS members allowing them to utilise their RS Miles to purchase flights on RB in combination with cash payment.

What are the benefits of paying with my Royal Skies miles?

When you use your Royal Skies miles to pay for tickets, you pay less with money and have better utilization of expiring RS miles.

What are the minimum Royal Skies miles required for Miles and Money?

A minimum of 1,000 Royal Skies miles is required to pay for tickets.

Can I earn Royal Skies miles for a Miles and Money ticket?

No, Miles and Money tickets are not eligible for mileage accrual.

Can my Royal Skies miles pay for tickets for my family members and friends?

Yes, with the RS Miles & Money your RS miles will be treated similar to cash currency.

Can my Royal Skies miles pay for all types of fares?

Yes. Except for Group, Airline privilege Fare and Corporate Fare.

Can my Royal Skies miles pay for all related taxes on my flight award ticket or flight upgrade?

No, Royal Skies miles cannot be utilised to pay for the taxes and fuel surcharges associated with award tickets and flight upgrades.

Can I redeem a flight upgrade if I purchased a Miles & Money ticket?

Redemption of Flight Upgrade is not available for RS Miles & Money tickets.

Can my Royal Skies miles pay for all related taxes of the tickets purchased?

No, RS miles cannot be utilised to pay for all related taxes of the tickets purchased.

If I have already purchased a ticket from Royal Brunei, can I pay my fare difference using Miles and Money?

Your RS miles cannot be used to combine with cash to pay any fare difference from an existing commercial purchased ticket.

Where can I pay with Royal Skies miles when I purchase my ticket?

You can pay with RS Miles & Money if you purchase your tickets through Royal Skies Service Centre or our local Royal Brunei Airlines office in Bandar Seri Begawan, Melbourne, London and Miri.

Can I use miles from another frequent flyer programme to pay for my ticket on Royal Brunei Airlines?

No, only Royal Skies miles can be used to pay for tickets on Royal Brunei Airlines.

If I decide to cancel the Miles & Money ticket, will I get refund in both cash and miles?

Yes, as long as your ticket conditions allow for a cancellation and refund. Do note that relevant fees will apply and expired Royal Skies miles cannot be refunded.

What is the validity of Miles & Money ticket?

It is the same as commercial tickets, which is subject to the fare validity.

Can I change the date of travel after my ticket has been issued which is paid with RS Miles & Money?

Yes, any charges will be subject to the next fare available in your intended changed date with fare difference and local admin fee applies.

Can I pay with Royal Skies miles if I’m not a Royal Skies member?

No, only Royal Skies members can earn Royal Skies miles from tickets purchased on Royal Brunei Airlines and use them to pay for tickets.