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Find RB flights to Saudi Arabia

Visit Saudi Arabia

Known as the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is home to two of the religion’s most sacred sites in the cities of Mecca and Medina. Book your flight to Saudi Arabia with Royal Brunei Airlines, and enjoy a delicious halal meal as you arrived prepared for the Hajj.

Enjoy Jeddah

Walk around Al-Balad, or the old town, and explore the ancient buildings, traditional markets, and famous coral houses. Marvel at King Fahd’s Fountain, the tallest fountain in the world, or visit one of the city’s many amusement parks.

Explore Ancient Saudi Arabia

Take a trip into antiquity with a visit to the spectacular Mada’in Saleh archaeological site. Explore the ‘Lonely Castle’ Qasr Al-Farīd, or any of the 111 tombs scattered around the site, some of which are spectacularly decorated with pillars and rock reliefs of shapes and animals.

Diving in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a fantastic diving location with many places teeming with marine life of the Red Sea. Explore the many wrecks around Jeddah, discover the ‘Seven Sisters’ in Yanbu, and marvel at the beauty of the pristine Red Sea coral. Snorkelling is also available at many sites.

Experience the rich natural beauty of the Arabian Peninsula when you book your flights to Saudi Arabia with Royal Brunei Airlines.