Flight Reward

Flight Reward

As a Royal Skies member, you can redeem your Royal Skies Miles for a one way or return ticket to any of Royal Brunei’s wonderful destinations. Reward flights starts from 8,000 Royal Skies miles plus taxes and other charges. Log in to your Royal Skies account to redeem online now.

Not enough Royal Skies miles?

If you do not have enough Royal Skies miles for a full reward flight and have 70% of the miles required, you may be eligible to purchase the shortfall. As an example, if a reward ticket requires 8,000 Royal Skies miles and you have 5,600 Royal Skies miles in your account, you can purchase the remainder of 3,000 Royal Skies miles to redeem a full reward flight. Purchases must be made in blocks of 1,000 Royal Skies miles at USD20 per block.

Miles + Money

Royal Skies Miles & Money is a service for Royal Skies members allowing them to utilise their Royal Skies Miles to purchase flights on RB in combination with cash payment. Taxes and other charges cannot be paid in miles.