Tourism Malaysia and Royal Brunei Airlines returns for Hello Kawan 2024

Tourism Malaysia and Royal Brunei Airlines returns for Hello Kawan 2024

12 June 2024, 9:00 AM

Tourism Malaysia and Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) are delighted to announce the return of Hello Kawan 2024, a collaboration aimed to promote exciting holiday packages to the captivating Malaysian cities of Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu. The Hello Kawan packages will offer travellers an unforgettable experience by seamlessly combining RB’s world-renown flights with top hotels in various cities in Malaysia.

Roshdi Abdul Ghani, Deputy Director of Tourism Malaysia Brunei Darussalam said, “Hello Kawan campaign is a partnership that manifests our commitment to forging closer collaborations with our counterparts to ensure Malaysia remains most preferred destination in this market.”

In a bid to welcome 1.345 million tourist arrival from Brunei this year, this campaign hopes to entice Bruneians to explore more of Malaysia. It is also an initiative to achieve target of welcoming total of 27.3 million international tourist for the year 2024. In 2023, Malaysia recorded 811,833 Brunei tourist arrival, reflecting strong pent-up demand as compared to 2022.

“Various initiatives have been undertaken by the Malaysian government to rejuvenate the tourism sector in Malaysia and this continuous effort initiated by Tourism Malaysia and RB will indeed drive more Bruneian tourists to flock Malaysia”, added Roshdi Abdul Ghani.

“Malaysia has always been one of the top go-to destinations for Bruneians as it is the closest neighbouring country to Brunei, hence, this collaboration will ensure our guests are provided with comprehensive packages featuring both seamless travel, and exceptional experiences to various Malaysian cities that RB flies to. We would also like to emphasise the safe and hassle-free journey to our guests as they will avoid the long queues at land borders. Combined with RB’s renowned hospitality provided by our award-winning cabin crews, and the diverse attractions and wonderful hospitality of Malaysia, our guests can anticipate a memorable holiday, made easy by this collaboration.” said Captain Sabirin Hj Abd Hamid, RB CEO.

With convenient flight schedules, luxurious accommodations, and an array of engaging activities available at these destinations, these holiday packages will offer the perfect getaway for our guests who have been looking to explore the Wonders of Malaysia.

The Hello Kawan packages can be purchased from our participating travel agencies including Anthony Tours & Travel, Darussalam Services Sdn Bhd, Freme Travel Services, JJ Tour Service Sdn Bhd, Pan Bright Travel Services, Southern Cross Travel Agencies and Straits Central Agencies (B) Sdn. Bhd.