Damage Redress for Air transport Customers

Damage Redress for Air transport Customers

Application for damage redress can be in the cases of:

  1.  Failure or delay of transport by aviation transporter.
  2. Loss and/or damage of checked baggage
  3. Oversold flight tickets
  4. Delayed payment or refund for cancelled flight tickets
  5. Unable to board flight as airline did not provide information about boarding gate, flight number, etc.
  6. Missing mileage due to airline’s negligence
  7. Mileage expired without airline’s prior notice
  8. Impediments to boarding due to failure to install mobility facilities as required by Act on Promotion of the Transportation Convenience of the Mobility Disadvantaged, 2.7

However, redress is not provided if the damage is due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as bad weather conditions, unforeseen maintenance required for safe flight operations, natural disasters, issues with flight connections*, etc.

*Issues with flight connections are as follows:

  • Air Traffic Control delays approval for reasons such as airplane standing by for takeoff or remaining in the air, etc.
  • Flight delay due to congested air route
  • Flight delay due to acts of terrorism, contagious diseases, etc.
  • Flight delay due to problems with airport facilities
  • Other conditions acknowledged by the director of local aviation office


Procedure for Damage Redress:

  1. Guest needs to complete and submit their application. Form can be found here.
  2. Guest should receive confirmation that application has been received.
  3. Royal Brunei Airlines will investigate the damage.
  4. Related laws and terms of carriage, etc. will be evaluated.
  5. Notice of outcome will be sent to guest.

Filing of Appeal:

  1. After receipt of outcome, guest may file for an appeal by completing the appeal application and email it to Royal Brunei Airlines.
  2. The appeal will then be forwarded to Korean Consumer Agency.

In accordance with the Framework Act on Consumers, an application for damage redress may be transferred to Korean Consumer Agency within 14 days of receipt if it is difficult for Royal Brunei Airlines to process the application or if there is a request from customer.

If you would like to apply for damage redress, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 02-777-7556
Address: Meebang Air agencies Co.,
Ltd, 18th Floor Eulji-ro 50, Jung-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea 04534

Please note that:

  1. Application will be processed within 14 days of receipt.
  2. Notification of outcome will be sent to the preferred communication chose in the application form.
  3. All appeal applications will be forwarded to Korean Consumer Agency.