Temburong Longhouse Excursion Tour

Temburong Longhouse Excursion Tour

  Temburong, Temburong

A 6-hour comprehensive tour on the history, culture and tradition of the native Iban people of Temburong.

28 August 2019, 7:21 PMTags: Adventure, Nature & Wildlife, Tours


  • Duration: 6 hours. Tour departs 0830 hours.


It is advisable if guests request to provide gifts to the Ibans to express their gratitude

This tour is a comprehensive tour on the history, culture and tradition of the people of Temburong. A reflection on the olden days of Brunei, the tour will also showcase the belief and traditions of the native Iban people and how they all live under one roof.

Pick-up from the hotel at 0830hrs and proceed to the Bumbungan 12 Jetty. Board a local public speedboat for a scenic boat ride through mangrove-lined water-ways; you may be able to see some of the local wildlife along the way. Upon arrival to the charming town of Bangar, enjoy some light refreshments, like Wajid Temburong (a sweet glutinous rice snack folded in leaves) at the market (Tamu), a place where locals buy their daily products and fruits.

Then followed by the visit to one of the Iban longhouse. Along the way you will be mesmerized by the beautiful countryside of Temburong District. See the local houses, schools, and natural landscape surrounding the district. Upon your arrival, your guide and host will brief you about the longhouse history, the Iban culture and their way of life.

You will learn how to cook a traditional dish of the tribe people with chicken and glutinous rice in a bamboo. To further enhance guests’ experience of the tribe, pipe blowing and mat weaving will be demonstrated and you will get to try at both activities.
Trek through the forest along the river to experience how the Iban tribes hunt and survive.
Lastly, lunch will be served with Iban style cooking. Like the Ibans, you will sit on the floor to eat your meals. Depart to Bangar and return back to the capital via the local speedboat.