Betterfly Fares

Betterfly Fares

1 April 2016, 10:42 AM

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) has rebranded its fare types and introduced better conditions including revised check-in baggage allowance, introduction of new Royal Skies incentives and amended fee structure. The new conditions apply to tickets purchased from last month at RB Customer Service Centre, Online at and your preferred Travel Agents.

With the revised conditions, RB has standardised its baggage allowances for its long haul flights to 30kg per passenger for economy class passengers and 40kg for business class. Passengers on short haul routes will also enjoy 40kg for business class and up to 30kg for economy.

The introduction of the new conditions will also benefit Royal Skies members where they will now be able to claim miles from all fare types (except group travel).

“The update to our fare conditions is amongst RB’s many efforts to provide our customers with a more enjoyable and seamless travel experience. We believe our passengers will appreciate the increased baggage allowance; and other fare product features” said Karam Chand, RB’s Chief Executive Officer. These changes have been introduced in line with our market segmentation strategy that is to better align the product to the needs of leisure, SME, high end leisure and corporate customers.

For a complete listing of the updated conditions, please visit Fare Conditions