Fare and Additional price list

Fare and Additional price list


  • The fares and taxes applicable to the customer are subject to change, so please check with our staff.
  • All fares are based on Korean won, and fuel surcharges are included in the fare:
Origin Destination Cabin Class Booking Class Fare Basis Oneway (OW)/
Return (RT)
Fare included Fuel Surcharge Tax Total Fare
Low Shoulder High Low Shoulder High
Incheon Brunei Business Z ZEOWKRM OW 1,205,400 1,205,400 1,205,400 28,000 1,233,400
Incheon Brunei Business Z ZEOWKRM RT 1,853,300 1,853,300 1,853,300 47,800 1,901,100
Incheon Brunei Economy B BEOWKRM OW 831,300 28,000 859,300
Economy B B(L/K/H)RTKRM RT 1,139,300 1,223,300 1,328,300 47,800 1,187,100 1,271,100 1,376,100

Additional Service

Checked Baggage

For safety reasons, one baggage cannot exceed 32kg.

RB Super Saver RB Saver RB Value RB Flexi Business Saver Business
All Cities 20kg 25kg 30kg 30kg 40kg 40kg

Passengers on the same reservation can use the combined total allowance.

Excess baggage is available through pre-purchase or on-site purchase.

Sports Equipment and Special Baggage

Sports equipment are carried as part of the checked baggage allowance in accordance to the class of travel.  Sports equipment such as:

  • Snow and/or water skiing equipment
  • Angling equipment
  • Surfboard and/or other surfing equipment (not including windsurfing)
  • Bowling balls
  • Golf equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Diving equipment
  • Cricket equipment

Advance Seat Selection

RB Super Saver RB Saver RB Value RB Flexi
Preferred Seat Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable Complimentary
Leg Space Seat Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable Complimentary
Standard Seat Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable Complimentary

Complimentary standard seat selection regardless of your branded fare type is available once online check-in opens 48 hours before your schedule flight departure.  You may opt to select your seats from any remaining seats at this time or at the airport check-in counters.
You may check more information on seat selection here.


Pets are allowed in cargo only.  Please contact us for the details.

Unaccompanied Minor

Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) are children travelling alone at the age above 5 years old and under 12 years old.
Young Passenger (YP)
In some cases, a young passenger (YP) age 12 years old up to 15 years old shall be treated as Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) upon request from the parent(s) or guardian.
Arrangements and services for Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Kindly complete a Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) Form and contact your local Royal Brunei Airlines Office to make arrangements which are chargeable based on point of origin.

Traveling while expecting

Air travel is safe for pregnant women with no history of previous complications before the pregnancy reaches 36 weeks. Expectant mothers of over 28 weeks are required to bring certified medical clearance, dated not more than 7-days from the date of travel, which stipulates in writing that the guest is medically fit to fly.


KRW 100,000 is charged for refund on all flights departing from Incheon.
Flights between other regions are subject to the applicable booking fee regulations.

No Show Penalty

Business class KRW 100,000 / Economy class KRW 50,000 per ticket will be incurred separately from the refund fee if you do not board without cancellation before 4 hours prior to departure or after check-in.