Announcement of Royal Brunei Airlines New Chief Executive Officer

Announcement of Royal Brunei Airlines New Chief Executive Officer

2 December 2022, 10:15 PM

Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) today announced the appointment of Captain Sabirin Hj Abd Hamid as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective 01 November 2022.

Before his appointment, Captain Sabirin held the Acting CEO position since 11 October 2021.

He joined RB in 1988 under the airline’s cadet pilot program. He was then seconded to AirUK airlines in London Stansted, flying the Fokker Friendship F27 as First Officer in 1989. He returned to Brunei in 1992 as First Officer on RB’s B757/B767 fleet.

In 2001, Captain Sabirin received his Command and joined the Flight Operations Quality section as Quality Assurance Officer.

In 2007, he was promoted to Vice President of Quality, Safety and Security Operations and from 2012 to Head of Quality, Safety, Security and Environment. Before becoming Acting CEO, he was appointed Chief Operations Officer in January 2021, responsible for RB’s Operations Division.

With over 30 years of airline experience to draw on, he is now responsible to ensure thatRB continues to operate safely, reliably,and sustainably as the airline goes through the pandemic. He aims to bring RB to new heights as the airline strives on being a respectable company while ensuring enriched customers’ experience with RB’s young and modern fleet of aircraft.