Traveling with Infants & Children

Traveling with Infants & Children

Traveling with Infants & Children


Seats that can be fitted with bassinets suitable for infants not more than 12 months, and with a limitation of weight and height of not more than 10kgs and 60cm tall, are situated at the front rows of the Economy Class cabin. Seats fitted with a bassinet are limited and families with infants are recommended to purchase in advance through Manage Your Booking or by contacting your nearest Royal Brunei Airlines office. 

Guests with infants are advised to bring essential items on board such as diapers, baby wipes, and creams inside a small bag that is easily accessible during flight. 


Baby strollers are not allowed as hand baggage and must be checked-in. Some airports allow lightweight strollers to be checked in at the boarding gate. These strollers will be returned after arrival and upon disembarkation of the aircraft. 

Infant/Child Baggage Allowance 

Infant tickets without a seat have a checked baggage allowance of 10kgs. For infant ticket with a seat and child ticket, your checked baggage allowance is printed on your ticket. Alternatively, you may also find it via Manage Your Booking. The standard baggage prohibition and restrictions still applies. 

Child Car Seats and harnesses 

Guests may bring onboard their own car seats to be used by an infant or a child between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old. Infants and/or children must hold a valid flight ticket purchased with a seat. You may need to specifically request for an infant ticket with a seat if you plan to bring onboard your own car seats as infant tickets usually do not include a seat. 

Car seats or child restraint system must be an approved purpose designed forward facing car seat that has a single release harness that secures the lap, torso and shoulders of the infant/child, can be securely strapped to an aircraft passenger seat and the width of the car seat must not exceed 16-inches. It must have at least one of the following relevant certifications: 

Country of Sale Standard design or requirements
Australia and/or New Zealand Australian/New Zealand design standard AS/NZS 1754 

New Zealand Standard: NZS5411 

America Either:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America standard FMVSS 213; or
  • both the following markings: “This Restraint is Certified for Use in Motor Vehicles and Aircraft” in red lettering and “This seat conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)”.
Canada Any one of the following:

  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard CMVSS 213 entitled “Child Restraint Systems”;
  • CMVSS No. 213.1 entitled “Infant Seating and Restraint Systems”; or
  • marked “this restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft”.
Europe and UK European Safety Standard requirements of United Nations ECE Regulation 44 (UN/ECE 44) 

You may find the relevant certifications labelled on your car seat. 

It is our guests’ responsibility to bring their own car seat or child restraint system. Royal Brunei Airlines recommends guests to contact us at your nearest Royal Brunei Airlines office for pre-approval for the use of a child seat or child restraint system should be obtained at least 7 days prior to your scheduled departureYou will also need to show your device to our airport staff on the day of travel, including at check-in. 

Seat allocation and availability for the use of car seats and child restraint systems is restricted (must not be in the same row as an emergency exit) and may vary by aircraft type. Not all aircraft and all cabins are able to accommodate car seats and child restraint systems. An adult of age 16 years old and above must occupy the seat adjacent to the car seat. 

If any of your flights are operated by an airline other than Royal Brunei Airlines, you must obtain approval for the car seat or child restraint system from that airline. 

Please contact your nearest Royal Brunei Airlines office for pre-approval and for any additional information. 

Child Meals 

Baby and Child Meals can be requested during the online booking process, through Manage Your Booking or by contacting your nearest RB office, for your flight(s) with Royal Brunei Airlines no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time.