Brunei’s Proboscis Monkey Tour


Discover Brunei on a 2.5-hour tour that takes you on a leisurely boat ride through Brunei’s mangroves in search of the wild indigenous Proboscis monkeys. Learn of this unique species and how you can help protect them as you cruise through their natural habitat and enjoy the lush scenery. Often, animals such as sea eagles, great white egrets, king fishers, saltwater crocodiles, monitor lizards, flying foxes, long-tail macaques, and snakes can be seen in the surrounding river and on overhanging branches, or leaping from tree to tree — a memory you will cherish for years to come.

  • Tour departs 0700 and 1630 hours. Tour commences 30 minutes earlier for hotels located outside city areas.
  • Bring sunscreen lotion, a hat and/or wear long sleeves for the boat ride.
  • Afternoon tour is recommended for sunset view (if weather permits).

The endangered Proboscis Monkey is indigenous only to the island of Borneo. This popular tour takes you on a leisurely cruise through the mangroves in search of these illustrious primates while the guide describes the pristine nature of the Nipah Palm and Mangroves forests. Whilst searching for the Proboscis Monkey, it is not uncommon to see various birds of prey, king fishers, mangrove snakes, monitor lizards, otters, flying foxes, and even salt water crocodiles. Relax and enjoy the evening sunset and gaze at the spectacular sight of hundreds of egrets flying back to the mangrove trees before dusk.

Travelers will be provided with boat rides and an experienced guide.