Frequently Asked Questions

Using your Royal Skies miles

What can I redeem using my Royal Skies Miles?

To redeem your Royal Skies miles, choose from Flight Reward, Flight Upgrade Reward, Extra Baggage Allowance or Sky Lounge Access at Brunei International Airport.

How can I redeem my Royal Skies miles?

Log into your Royal Skies account to redeem a flight or Manage Booking to redeem Upgrade to Business Class, Extra Baggage allowance or Sky Lounge Access.

Would I be able to change my travel date after I have redeemed my flight?

Yes, you can. This will be subject to seat availability on your new travel date.

I have redeemed my ticket using my Royal Skies miles. Would I be able to change my travel date online?

At this time, your travel date cannot be changed online. Please contact your nearest Royal Brunei office or Royal Skies at 673 2367833 for further assistance.

What can I do if I can no longer travel?

If you cannot travel, please call Royal Skies at +673 2367833 or your nearest Royal Brunei Office to cancel your reservation to avoid a no show fee. Then, complete the Re-deposit of Unused Award form and submit.

I would like to change my travel date but there are no award seats available. Can I change the redemption ticket to a normal ticket?

No, the redemption ticket cannot be change to a normal ticket.

Can I redeem my award ticket online?

Yes, you can redeem and issue your award ticket online. Please login to your Royal Skies account to do so.

How do I know if I have sufficient miles for redemption?

Please refer to our Online Mileage Calculator to determine the miles required for a specific destination.

I cannot find my desired Award Redemption Seat. What should I do?

If you cannot find your preferred redemption seat, please amend your travel dates and search using the Calendar Availability.

Will I be able to redeem for my nominee online?

Yes, you will be able to redeem for your nominee online.

I am only short of 2,000 miles. Am I able to redeem a ticket online?

Yes, you may purchase the additional miles required for the redemption. Please log into your Royal Skies account and purchase required miles through Manage Miles – Purchase Miles.

Can I redeem for a Flight Upgrade reward using two different Royal Skies accounts?

Royal Skies miles in two different Royal Skies account cannot be used towards a single reward redemption request. The miles required must come from one Royal Skies account only.

Can I redeem for a Flight Upgrade reward if my Economy ticket is on RB Saver or RB Super Saver?

No, if you wish to redeem for a Flight Upgrade reward, please make your reservation under RB Value or RB Flexi.

Using your Royal Skies miles for a family member, friend or relative What is a Redemption Nominee?

A redemption nominee can be your family member, friend or relative. As a member, you can nominate up to 10 redemption nominee. This allows you to use your Royal Skies miles and redeem a reward for your redemption nominee. A nominee must be a registered Royal Skies member.

Can I change my Redemption Nominees?

A service fee of USD30 will apply for any changes or deletion to nominee within a six month period from the nominee addition date. Any changes made after six months will be complimentary.

How can I add my Redemption Nominees?

To add a nominee, log into your Royal Skies account, click “Relationships” and select “Add Nominee”. Fill in Nominee First Name, Last Name and Nominee Date of Birth. Please ensure that their names are added as per passport.

Can the nominees redeem from the principal account?

The nominees you have registered are authorised to make bookings and collect redemption tickets for themselves and on your behalf. Proof of identification is required for bookings and redemption purposes. Kindly note that Royal Skies Service Centre will not inform the principal member nor be held liable for issuing redemption tickets to the registered nominees.

Can Royal Skies members of any age redeem their miles for award tickets?

Royal Skies members under 12 years of age are not eligible to redeem their miles for award tickets online, unless a Redemption Nominee aged 18 years old and above is travelling with him/her on the same flight.

Can I redeem a reward tickets for a child below 12 years of age who is travelling alone?

To redeem for a child under 12 travelling alone, please contact Royal Skies Service Centre. An Unaccompanied Minor form has to be completed at Royal Brunei Customer Service Centre or Royal Skies Service Centre.

Can I combine or transfer my miles with another Royal Skies membership account?

Miles can transferred between Royal Skies account for a nominal fee of USD40 per 1,000 miles transferred.

What are my options if I’m making a round-trip redemption booking, and I’m on the waitlist for one of the flight sectors?

If your booking is not confirmed by the ticketing time given, then it will be cancelled. Waitlist is allowed only for members redeeming Economy Award Standard and Business Award Standard.

For redemption rewards, must the credit card holder be a part of the travelling group?

No, for redemption rewards, the credit card holder need not be part of the travelling group.