Travel Insurance Old

Travel Insurance Old

The feeling of safety as you board your flight is of utmost importance to us at Royal Brunei Airlines. The travel insurance policy provides coverage in cases of unforeseen circumstances, for instance, emergency medical treatment or cancellation or shorten your trip, as well as coverage for the loss or delay of your baggage. Read the FAQs below for more details.

Travel Insurance Purchase

Who can purchase this travel insurance?

The policy is available to any resident of Brunei traveling internationally.

Are 'business travellers' eligible to purchase this travel insurance policy?

Yes. Our travel insurance plan is designed for both leisure and business travellers alike.

Is there an age limit to purchase this travel insurance?

There is no age restriction to purchase the Travel Protector Travel Insurance policy. However please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy for detailed benefits in respect of children (including infants) aged under 18 years or adults aged over 70 years.

Can the policy be issued after the journey has already commenced?

All of our policies are designed to only be taken out before your travel.

Is it possible for more than one policy to be issued for the same trip?

Each person is entitled to ONE policy only. The policy may include multiple people, but each person is to be insured by no more than ONE policy for their trip.

Once the online application has been completed, what happens next?

After the premium has been paid by credit/debit card, a confirmation email comprising of the Certificate of Insurance and Policy Wording will be sent to you immediately. The Certificate of Insurance contains your policy number that you must quote every time for us to render assistance promptly.

Travel Insurance Coverage

When does this travel insurance policy commence?

Trip cancellation and Trip Postponement cover commence 30 days prior to your scheduled departure. Cover for both benefits expire at the moment of your scheduled departure. The cover for all other benefits begins on the departure date set out on your certificate of insurance.

Is my travel insurance cancelled automatically after I cancel my travel arrangements?

Your travel insurance will not be automatically cancelled. Please contact us at 801 3008 during office hours to make amendment/cancellation on your travel insurance policy. Kindly take note that you can cancel your travel insurance policy but all premiums paid are completely non-refundable since the policy provides benefits if you have to cancel your trip due to certain reasons.

If my travel dates are delayed, how can my insurance cover be postponed?

The traveller that is requesting the policy postponement must immediately notify us by email at [email protected]. In order for postponement to be granted this email must be received and acknowledged by us before the original planned departure date. As long as no claim has been submitted, we will send to you an email with a new policy certificate based on your revised travel details. Please also be advised to review your policy first before requesting a policy postponement because your travel insurance policy provides benefits if you have to postpone your trip due to certain reasons.

If the journey ends earlier than previously planned, will a partial refund of my insurance premium be given?

Sorry, but no. Once your journey begins, we will not refund any part of the premium.

Can I cancel this travel insurance if I can’t make the trip?

Please contact 801 3008, during office hours. You can cancel your single-trip travel insurance policy but any premiums paid are completely non-refundable.

What would happen if I suffer an accident or fall ill during the trip?

This travel insurance policy entitles the person to medical assistance and cover for the expenses incurred during the subsequent medical treatment. Please call us immediately at 801 3009 should you have a medical problem whilst overseas (you can make a collect call to reverse charges for emergency assistance). You are free to choose your medical advisor or an approved medical advisor can be appointed by us.

What is a 'pre-existing medical condition' and will it be covered under the policy?

Pre-existing means:

  • An ongoing injury, dental or medical condition of which you are aware, or related complication you have, or the symptoms of which you are aware of;
  • A dental or medical condition that is currently being, or has been investigated, or treated by a health professional (including dentist or chiropractor) at any time in the past, prior to policy purchase;
  • Any condition for which you’re taking prescribed medicine;
  • Any condition for which you have had surgery before;
  • Any condition for which you see a medical specialist before;

E.g. If someone broke their leg 5 years ago and there have been no problems since, this is not a ‘pre-existing medical condition.’ However, if that person had a heart attack 5 years ago and is now taking routine cholesterol and blood pressure tests, they DO have a ‘pre-existing medical condition’. Pre-existing medical or dental conditions are NOT covered under our Travel Insurance policy.

Are luggage items covered under your insurance policy?

Yes, luggage and personal effects are covered throughout the trip under our insurance policy, but the person must make sure to take all necessary steps to avoid any loss or damage, which includes keeping the properties supervised at all times.

What is an Individual Plan?

It provides cover for you and the persons travelling with you as covered in your certificate of insurance.

Travel Insurance Claims

What should I do if I need assistance urgently?

Please contact Allianz Global Assistance immediately and our team will be able to assist with the emergency. Please contact our 24hr Hotline number via 801 3009 free of charge. You can make a collect call (reverse charge).

What would happen if repatriation or evacuation is required following an injury?

We would transfer you to the nearest suitable hospital for your injury to be treated. Our insurance cover will end upon your safe repatriation to your home or to the nearest suitable hospital to your home.

If I become injured / ill while overseas but was not provided with any medical treatment, can I get some now when I am back to Brunei?

Your policy only provides coverage for overseas medical expenses. Coverage for your insurance will cease upon your return to Brunei.

What kind of documentation is required for an insurance claim to be processed?

Depending on the type and circumstances of the insurance claim, we may require original documents, such as receipts or reports. Usually, these documents are required, and we are unable to action the claim without the relevant supporting documentation. Each type of insurance claim might have different document requirements (for example, medical report, invoice, receipt, police report). Please contact us at 801 3009.

Details will be provided by us about the documentation that is required to process your claim.

How long will it take for the claim to be processed?

After you have submitted all required documentation, claims will be processed within 10 working days.

How will the insurance claims be paid?

Wherever possible we will pay directly to the hospital and other medical providers in the case that you are hospitalized or requiring assistance. For all the other insurance claims we will pay the claim settlement via cheque, or electronic transfer. You have the choice of selecting your preference in our claim form.

What assurance is there that an insurance claim will always receive a fair decision?

If you have a complaint regarding the claim decision, please contact us (see contact details on your policy schedule or on the last page of the policy wording). We will respond to your complaint within 5 working days, providing we receive all necessary information and have completed any investigation required. If we required more time, we will agree on a reasonable alternative time frame.

In the unlikely event of you still being unsatisfied with our decision from senior management, any dispute or difference in relation to your claim can be referred to an arbitrator.