Sports Equipment and Special Baggage

Sports Equipment and Special Baggage

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment are carried as part of the checked baggage allowance in accordance to the class of travel. The following are allowed onboard Royal Brunei Airlines flights:

  • Snow and/or water skiing equipment
  • Angling equipment
  • Surfboards and/or other surfing equipment (NOT including windsurfing)
  • Bowling balls
  • Golf equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Diving equipment
  • Cricket equipment

It is advisable to carry all sporting equipment as checked baggage as some are forbidden to be carried as hand baggage.

If you require additional allowance, you may Pre-Purchase Extra Baggage Allowance.


Guests may carry with them urns as hand baggage. The guest must ensure that it is packed in a suitable manner and adequately protected against breakage by cushioning packaging. The package must be stored in the overhead compartment.

The following documents will be required, depending on the departure or arrival station authority:

  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Authorization certificate from Health Department of Ministry of Health, Brunei. Applicable for guests departing from Brunei (BWN) only.

Diplomatic Mail

At the Brunei International Airport, Foreign diplomats and their staff members, and members of certain international organisations, e.g. United Nations, may carry sealed diplomatic bag in the passenger cabin without examination of contents, provided the station staff members are satisfied with authenticity of their seals and the courier’s credentials. Captain in-command is informed of the carriage. However, some other states may require them to be screened.

Zam Zam Holy Water

All guests returning from Hajj are allowed additional complimentary free baggage allowance of 5 litres of the Zamzam Holy Water, provided that it is properly and safely wrapped in a plastic covering to avoid leakage and damage to other baggage. This complimentary allowance applies to all passengers travelling on Royal Brunei Airlines (RB), including inbound passengers from other carriers connecting to RB flights.

Guest returning from Umrah are allowed complimentary free baggage allowance of 5 litres of Zam Zam Holy Water, provided that:

  1. Zam Zam Holy Water is purchased from Jeddah Airport.
  2. Umrah guest holding Umrah visa.
  3. GCC resident holding a tourist visa intending to perform Umrah.
  4. Guest arriving from any country holding a tourist visa intending to perform Umrah.
  5. Guest holding transit visas.
  6. Guest holding any type of visa intending to perform Umrah.