Family Plus Membership

Family Plus Membership

Take your Royal Skies miles further with Family Plus, Royal Skies family membership programme. Each Family Plus membership allows you to earn miles for your travel and then enjoy them as all miles will be available in one account. Each membership can have up to 7 family members consisting of parents and children.

Family Plus Benefits

  • All flight and status miles earned will be automatically transferred to the lead account holder
  • Faster status qualification for the lead account holder
  • Redeem award redemptions for you and your family from one single account

To register as a family, login and add your family members under the Relationship menu.

Are my family members required to have a Royal Skies membership?

Yes, all family members must be a registered Royal Skies member.

What happens after submitting a family membership request?

Once submitted online, kindly allow up to 2 working weeks for the request to be processed.

If approved, an email will be sent to your family member for their further acceptance.

Otherwise, as a lead account holder, you will receive an email update.

Will my existing balance be transferred to the lead account holder?

Yes, the existing balance will be transferred to the lead account holder.

Why was my family membership request declined?

Please contact Royal Skies at [email protected] for further assistance.