Frequently Asked Questions

Become a Royal Skies member

How do I enroll?

Visit, select “Become a Member”, complete all required details and click “Submit”. Your temporary digital membership card will appear on screen. Details of your membership will be emailed to your registered email address.

Will my membership expire?

Your account will stay active as long as there is a mileage activity in your Royal Skies account within a 36 month period. If there are no activities, the account will become inactive.

Can I enroll my children as Royal Skies member?

Yes, enrollment is open to anyone aged 2 years and above.

My personal details have changed. Do I need to complete a form and send to Royal Skies Service Centre?

No, you may login to your Royal Skies account and select ‘Update Member Profile” to update your personal details.
We advise our members to keep their profile updated to ensure that they receive the latest news and offers.

Can I update my profile name online?

To update your profile name, supporting legal document must be submitted. Please submit the Membership Profile Update form with a copy of your passport biodata page.

I have forgotten my Royal Skies membership number. How do I request for it?

You can request for your Royal Skies membership number online. Under Member’s Login, click “Forgot Royal Skies Number?” and enter your Membership number and email address to receive your membership number

I do not have a Personal Identification Number (PIN). How do I request for it?

You can request for your Personal Identification Number (PIN) online. Under Member’s Login, click “PIN Request/No Pin?” then enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Email address as per account. Once submitted, your PIN will be emailed to the registered email address on the account.

I just requested for a PIN. How long until I receive my new PIN?

Once completed and submitted, your PIN will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. Make sure the email address you have provided is the registered email address on the account.

Will I receive account statements?

Yes, a statement will be emailed to your registered email address every month.

What is the difference between Royal Skies award miles and status miles?

Award miles are the Royal Skies miles available for redemption. Status miles are the total number of miles earned to date toward next tier qualification.

What are service fees?

The valuable services of request for changes to flights, extension of miles and others are available at nominal fees that can be paid in Royal Skies miles or in US dollars (or local currency equivalent).

What is the benefit of being a Royal Skies member?

Please refer to Membership Tiers for detailed member benefit information.