Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Royal Skies Miles

What is the difference between status miles and award miles?

Award miles are the accumulated Royal Skies miles earned through flying with Royal Brunei Airlines or with Royal Skies participating partners. These miles are valid for 3 years from the month it is earned and can be used for redemption. 

Status miles are miles earned through flying with Royal Brunei Airlines from 01 January to 31 December each calendar to renew or upgrade your membership status. 

What is the validity period of Royal Skies miles?

Your Royal Skies miles are valid for three (03) years.

Can I request for a miles extension?

Miles extension can be made online after logging into your account under Manage Miles > Extend Miles.

Royal Skies miles can be extended for a further period of six (06) months, once per calendar year. A service fee of USD30 applies.

Miles that has been extended once cannot be further extended.

My Royal Skies miles recently expired. Can my Royal Skies miles be re-instated?

Royal Skies miles that have already expired may be extended within one month of the expiry date. Please contact Royal Skies at [email protected] for further assistance. A service fee of USD30 is applicable for the miles extension.

Will I earn Royal Skies miles for the ticket that I have purchased for myself?

Depending on the ticket purchased, the ticket may or may not be eligible to earn Royal Skies miles. For detailed information, please refer to Earning Miles.

Can I earn Royal Skies miles for the ticket I bought for someone else?

Royal Skies miles can only be earned by the member who is travelling, regardless of who bought the ticket.

How many Royal Skies miles will I earn?

Depending on the ticket you have purchased, the miles earned will differ. For detailed information, please refer to Earning Miles.

How do I know that my Royal Skies miles are credited?

After your flight, please check your Royal Skies account to ensure that your flight activities have been credited accordingly. For purchases made with Royal Skies partners, please allow 60 days for this to appear.

How do I know if my Royal Skies membership number has been included?

If included, your Royal Skies membership number will appear on your boarding pass.

I have recently travelled with Royal Brunei Airlines but the miles have not appeared in my account.

If you have included your membership number in your reservation, please allow up to 3 days for the miles to appear in your account. If it does not appear after 3 days, you may submit a Missing Mileage claim by logging into your Royal Skies account.

How long does it take for my Missing Mileage Claim request to be processed?

Please allow up to 6 working weeks for your claim to be processed.

Can I earn miles without travelling with Royal Brunei Airlines?

Yes, you can earn miles by spending with participating Royal Skies partners.

I have recently travelled for Umrah and Haj but the miles do not appear in my account.

If your account is missing a flight, please submit a missing mileage claim once logged into your Royal Skies account.

What is a complimentary stopover?

One or two stopovers are allowed on flight award itineraries involving multiple flights or sectors. Please note that a transit is not a stopover. A stopover means you will be in the stopover city for at least 24 hours or longer before your next flight.