Frequently Asked Questions

Miles Top Up

What is the Miles Top Up Programme?

The miles top up programme allows our members to purchase miles if they are short 30% of the required miles for flight award redemption.

How do I purchase miles?

For Miles Top Up, complete the Flight Award and Miles Top Up form and email to Royal Skies at [email protected] for further processing.

Is the purchase of miles refundable?

Miles purchased must be redeemed within 72 hours. It is non-refundable if unused.

How much are the miles?

For Miles Top Up, purchases must be made in blocks of 1,000 miles. Each block of 1,000 miles is USD20.

Is the purchase of miles available for upgrade redemptions?

The purchase of miles is not available for upgrade redemptions. It is only available for flight award redemptions.

Can I purchase the miles and make the redemption online?

At this time, the redemption can only made through local offices for Miles Top Up.