Come Fly With Us to Beijing

Destination Beijing

The capital city of China is renowned for its fascinating wealth of history and culture. With a history that dates back at least 3,000 years, Beijing offers plenty of unique sightseeing opportunities and things to do.



A trip to Beijing would be incomplete without making your way to some of its iconic landmarks, mainly its most synonymous icon; The Great Wall of China – built during the Qin Dynasty between 221 and 238 BC, known now as one of the seven wonders of the world, the great wall stretches more than 6,400 kilometres in length. Also a must visit is The Forbidden City, the largest imperial palace in the world, built during the Ming Dynasty in 1420, it is China’s best preserved imperial palace.


Dining and Nightlife

Food is huge in Beijing to the point that locals greet each other with chi le ma? – Which means have you eaten? From noodles, jianbing  to peking duck, Beijing has a lot to offer for venturing foodies.

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