Special Meals and Precautions for Allergies

Special Meals and Precautions for Allergies

Special Meals

As a form of our commitment to providing our guests with the best possible service, Royal Brunei Airlines caters special meals upon requests for guests with special dietary needs.

Healthy and Halal
All meals in Royal Brunei Airlines are halal and prepared in the most healthy way possible.

Special Meal requests can be made during booking through our online portal,, or by contacting your nearest RB Office. To ensure that we are able to cater to your dietary needs, special meal requests are to be made no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time. Please note that due to the brief travel time, meals are not served in the Brunei-Kota Kinabalu-Brunei route and Brunei-Kuching-Brunei route.

Available meals include the following:

Dietary Meals
Bland Meals BLML Suitable for guests suffering from stomach or intestinal problems.

Ingredients that potentially stimulate gastric discomfort are omitted. E.g. black pepper, chilli powder, excessive cooking oil.

Diabetic Meals DBML A low-sugar, low-fat and low-salt meal suitable for diabetic patients.
Fruit Platter FPML Contains fresh fruits with no additives and/or preservatives.
Gluten-Free Meals GFML Suitable for guests who are allergic or intolerant to gluten.

Contains no wheat, wheat flour, rye, barley, oats and bran in any form (including food items which may contain such ingredients).

Low Calorie Meals LCML Suitable for guests on a low-calorie diet.

Does not contain fried or fatty foods, full cream dairy products, fatty meats, syrups, sauces such as mayonnaise and creamy salad dressing.

Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Meals LFML Excludes the use of animal fats or fatty foods. Food naturally high in cholesterol (e.g. poultry skin of all types) and fried foods of all types are omitted.

Only fat-free or low-fat dairy products (e.g. skimmed/low-fat milk or cottage cheese), lean meat and polyunsaturated liquid vegetable oils are permitted.

Low Salt Meal LSML Salt as well as processed foods (e.g. baking powder, soda and MSG are either eliminated or restricted in amount.
Low Lactose Meal NLML Suitable for guests with lactose intolerance.

Dairy products such as milk, dry milk solids, cream, butter, margarine and cheese are omitted.

Vegetarian Meals
Asian Vegetarian Meal AVML A strict vegetarian meal, usually prepared spicy with limited use of dairy products.

Does not contain meat and meat products, fish, fowl and products with lard or gelatine and eggs.

Western Vegetarian (Lacto Ovo Meal) VLML A non-strict vegetarian meal which include eggs and dairy products.

Does not include meat, meat products, fish, fowl and products with lard or gelatine.

Western Vegan Meal VGML A vegan meal; a strict vegetarian meal that does not contain products from animal sources, meat and meat products, fish, fowl and products with lard or gelatin, dairy products, eggs and honey.
Oriental Vegetarian Meal VOML A vegetarian meal prepared in Chinese style.

Does not contain meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products.

Vegetarian Jain Meal VJML A vegetarian meal prepared in Indian style and according to Jain customs.

Does not contain meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, root or bulbous vegetables and dairy products

Raw Fruit Vegetable Meal RVML Contains raw vegetables and a variety of fresh fruits.

Does not contain meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, caffeinated beverages, highly processed foods, additives and preservatives.

Baby, Infant and Child Meals
Baby Meal BBML Suitable for infants between 6 to 24 months only.
Child Meal (CHML) CHML Suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 12 years.
Religious Meals
Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal HNML A non-vegetarian meal prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs.

Contains meat (lamb, poultry), fish, and/or dairy products. It is a non-vegetarian meal suitable for those who do not consume beef, veal, pork, smoked and raw fish.

Other Meals
Seafood Meal SFML This meal contains only fish and/or seafood

Precautions for Allergies

As much as we strive to optimize our guests’ in-flight experience, due to the nature and various types of allergies, we are not able to guarantee allergen-free meals and an allergen-free environment for everyone.

It is important to note and be aware of the following:

  • Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn Bhd (“RB”) does not offer allergen free flights as we do serve nuts as snacks onboard and our meals may contain traces of nuts, wheat, dairy products, eggs, fish and other allergen substances that may not suit your diet.
  • RB cannot guarantee total allergen-free meals and/or an allergen-free environment and flight on any of our services. RB shall not be responsible for any and all allergic reaction that may occur onboard.
  • RB cannot prohibit any and all guests from bringing, opening or eating their own food or snacks, which may contain allergen particles such as peanut products, into or in the aircraft cabin.

Therefore, Royal Brunei Airlines wishes to inform that it shall not be held responsible for any and all allergic reactions that may occur on board.

Royal Brunei Airlines requires guests with allergies to:

  • Carry your necessary medications, medical mask or devices in your hand luggage, in case you need it. Please also ensure that all your medications are professionally labeled with your name and the medication name clearly identified. You should also carry a copy of the prescription and/or a supporting written statement from your doctor to certify this.
  • If you are not sure that you will be able to administer your own medication in an emergency, you are advised to travel with a person who is able to assist you.
  • If you need to be absolutely certain of an allergen-free meal, it is highly recommended that you bring your own food, that do not require to be refrigerated or heated inflight, for the duration of the flight, in accordance to with the current LAGS restrictions.
  • We are not able to heat meals that you bring with you, nor are we able to refrigerate your meal in case the container should become contaminated with other food in the aircraft refrigerator or microwave.
  • Guests with severe allergies are recommended to take necessary steps to minimize their potential exposure and to take all necessary precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure.

For further information, please contact your local Royal Brunei Airlines office.