Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Skies Partners

How long will it take before the miles earned from a Royal Skies partner will be credited in my account?

For partner activities, please allow six (06) to eight (08) weeks for the miles to be credited to your account.

Why does it take so long for partner miles to be credited in my account?

When you use the services of Royal Skies partners, the transaction and membership details will need to be verified before crediting the miles to your account.

Will I be able submit a Missing Mileage Claim for partner activities?

Yes, you may email to [email protected]. Please provide a copy of your invoice or receipt as supporting document.

What is the timeframe for claiming Partner Missing Mileage claims?

The allowed timeframe varies between partners. Please submit a claim within one month of your purchase.

What happens after I submit a Partner Missing Mileage claim?

Kindly allow up to four (04) weeks while the claim is being verified.