Frequently Asked Questions

Silver and Elite Gold Membership

What benefits do Silver and Elite Gold members enjoy?

Silver and Elite Gold members will enjoy complimentary lounge access, extra baggage allowance and priority check in. For detailed information for each tier, please visit Membership Tiers.

Why is the expiry date on my Elite membership card different from my membership expiry date when I check my account online?

Your Elite membership period is for 12 months and that is reflected in your account statement. For your convenience, the expiry date on your membership card is one month after the end of your membership period so that you will not hold an expired card before a new card is received.

What happens if I did not earn the required miles to stay in Silver or Elite Gold status?

If in the current calendar year, you did not earn enough flight miles or eligible sectors; your membership tier will drop one level.

What is an eligible flight sector?

An eligible flight sector is a one way flight between two cities that has been flown and booked on RB Flexi, Business Saver and Business. For example, a one way flight from Brunei to Singapore on RB Flexi is considered one eligible flight sector.